Handwritten Signature Solutions
for Mobile Financial Processes
What We Do
  1. Handwritten Signature Solutions for Mobile Financial Processes
    Handwritten Signature Solutions for Mobile Financial Processes
    Sign'Buy solutions target banks and payment card issuers. By migrating signature verification technology from pad + electronic pen to the new era of smartphone touchscreen + finger, Sign'Buy offers its' customers a non-intrusive, secured, friendly and socially accepted bio-metric identity verification solutions. The main product of Sign'Buy is CNP (card-not-present) product which is fully integrated with VBV (VISA), SecureCode (Mastercard) and SafeKey (AMEX) systems. The product enables issuers to provide better user experience, with minimum friction with the customer and thus, increasing revenues by reducing churn, increasing volumes and reducing operational costs.
About Us
Sign'Buy was founded by three FinTech industry experts, with a mission to supply the best cost-effective bio-metric identity solution to financial institutes.

Sign'Buy founders invented a unique dynamic signature recognition algorithm and implemented it for more than fifteen years in many thousands of signature recognition posts, analyzing millions of handwritten signatures on a daily basis.

By re-developing the technology to verify signature that is written by a finger on a smartphone touchscreen, Sign'Buy provides a unique opportunity to the financial transactions markets.
The solution is superior to any other bio-metric solution, such as fingerprint, iris scan, retina scan or face recognition. Sign'Buy uses the age-old habit of signing a document to confirm the identity of the person who is responsible for it's content. 

A signature is a socially-accepted bio-metric mean, which is not suffer from many technological, privacy or legal barriers as many other bio-metric identification solutions does.

There are age-old industry standards and formal regulations regarding signing a document, which makes the adaptation of signature based solution much easier that any other bio-metric mean. Sign'Buy solutions fulfill all relevant industry standards.
For further information, please contact:
Dr. Nachshon Margaliot, CEO