About Us

About Us
Sign'Buy founded by three FinTech industry experts, with a mission to supply the best cost-effective bio-metric identity solution to financial institutes.

Sign'Buy founders invented a unique dynamic signature recognition algorithm and implemented it for more than fifteen years in many thousands of signature recognitions posts, analysing millions of signatures on a daily basis.

By re-developing the technology to support signature recognition of a finger on a smartphone touchscreen, Sign'Buy provides a unique opportunity to the financial transactions markets.
The solution is superior to any other bio-metric solution, such as fingerprint, iris scan, retina scan or face recognition. Sign'Buy uses the age-old habit of signing a document to confirm the identity of the person who is responsible for it's content. 

A signature is a socially-accepted bio-metric mean, which is not suffer from many technological, privacy or lagel barriers as many other bio-metric identification solutions.

There are age-old industry standards and formal regulations regarding signing a document, which makes the adoptation of signature based solution much easier that any other bio-metric mean. Sign'Buy solutions fulfil all relevant industry standards.
For further information, please contact:
Dr. Nachshon Margaliot, CEO

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